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TEDxUIdaho gathers leading thinkers, makers, and artists to share their ideas that create real change in Idaho and around the world. TEDxUIdaho is dedicated to producing events that feature stimulating presentations, discussions, entertainment, and art that spark new ideas and opportunities.

TEDxUIdaho speakers are chosen through a highly curated process that takes into consideration ideas, speaker styles, and the flow the day. We feature speakers from both the state of Idaho and from around the world who want to spread their unique ideas through TEDxUIdaho.

If you would like to nominate a speaker, please fill out the following form. It is important that we have your information and the speaker's information. The speaker will not be informed who nominated them, so provide your contact information even if you want to stay anonymous.

If you are nominating yourself, this is not the correct form! Please fill out the correct form by clicking here.

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