TEDGlobal Geneva: Pigeons, fondue and an unconference

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Hello Idaho!

I have great news for you: I’ve seen the future, and it is wonderful. Your future is currently my past, seeing as I am now 9 hours ahead of you, so ask me anything from the future and I will try my best to answer (lol).

Anyways, it has been a really good day here, and here are a few videos and photos that I took today. We had a morning session at the UN’s Peace Institute (so amazing!) and had an awesome time with some pretty amazing speakers. The most memorable for me was Melissa Fleming, the UNHCR’s chief communicator. She shared the moving story of a Syrian refugee, the response to that talk, and how local TED events are so important for creating awareness about issues like that and helping solve global problems. Here’s a talk from TEDxThessaloniki that Melissa gave earlier this year, to give you an idea of the kind of impact events like ours are having.

We then went on to break out for diferent activities, of which I chose an un-conference. The unconference was basically a brainstorming session of four different groups discussiing and sharing knowledge related to TED and event organising as well as how to get better. In the end all four groups come together and select one person from each group to give a TED-style summary of the discussion. My group selected me to give the summary, which was a bit intimidating, but I mustered courage and did it. Finally, we eneded today with a fondue dinner in downtown Geneva. All in all, a great day!

Oh yes! The pigeons. They greeted me this morning on the way, and I posted the video on the Facebook page so check it out! I’m pretty excited for the main event tomorrow, and I get a sneak peek in the morning as well. Till we meet again, here are a few photos from today. Enjoy!