TEDxLabs are educational and interactive experiences with local organizations that are doing innovative and exciting work. Arrive early and enjoy our selection of the coolest stuff in Idaho. Our event is April 9th, 2016 from 8am to 5pm at the Administration Auditorium at the University of Idaho.


If you’re passionate about UAV’s, aviation, software, embedded systems, or any combination of the above check out Xcraft. We are based in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Here, we have designed, built, and hope to manufacture all xCraft components and assemble the platform for hobbyists and commercial customers.

Biodiesel Bug

A bright yellow mustard Volkswagen Beetle, more commonly known as the BioBug, is the latest vehicle in the fleet of equipment running on UI biodiesel. The 2001 bug first appeared on the UI Campus April 2001, and seems to draw the most attention. The vehicle is running on 100 percent biodiesel with no modifications to the engine.

Virtual Design Society

This UIdaho student club might or might not inspire you to 3D model, texture, animate, draw, storyboard, sculpt, or any combo of the above, or in other words become inspired by a rapidly evolving field.

Mongo Toys

This UIdaho Student start-up has a mission to foster a technical development community that inspires our customers to share innovative ideas, collaborate and create products that not only promote learning, but are practical, useful, and fun while evolving with the user.  In this sandbox where Willy Wonka meets ACME, we invite members to join in regardless of experience.

Polymorphic Games

Polymorphic Games uses the principles of biological evolution to develop superior video games.  Traditional video games are usually scripted, featuring “waves” of enemies that have defined and predictable characteristics. A player’s success in such games is based on learning the predictable, rote script necessary to advance to subsequent levels. By integrating principles of evolutionary biology, video games can be made more compelling.Adding biological evolution to video games makes the games better for the game player and facilitates player comprehension of complex concepts that are hard to teach.

Engineering Design Lab: The University of Idaho Marching/ Band-Beesten

Band-Beesten is a human-assisted robotic drum set that Watts and other engineering students spent a couple of years bringing to life with assistance from the university’s music department and computer science students who designed and built flashing LED lights. The design lab uses legos in their design process, and will demonstrate a part of this at their lab.