TEDxUIdaho goes global!

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Hello TEDsters!

We have some exciting news from the TEDxUIdaho team. The TEDxUIdaho licensee and lead organizer, Yvonne, leaves today for the TEDGlobal conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Several hundred TEDx organizers applied to attend this conference, and only a select few were accepted by TED to attend, so this is very exciting for us!

We are going to be staying in touch with Yvonne while she’s gone, but of course we couldn’t leave you out. Yvonne will blog her entire trip and provide updates as she goes, so check back here often to experience some of the TED spirit through this blog.

While in Switzerland, Yvonne will meet with several TEDxers from all over the world, and attend several training workshops organized by TED to learn how to bring the best experience possible to our TEDx event at the University of Idaho. The main conference is on Tuesday Dec 8, but due to restrictions by TED, Yvonne will not be able to take photos or videos of the conference. Watch out for those talks when they are released on TED.com later this month.

Yvonne will also take photos, as many as she can, of Geneva and share them with all of us. And very importantly, we have charged her with the very essential task of bringing back as much Swiss chocolate as possible. Leave a comment if you’d like her to bring you back some chocolate :).

Yvonne is very honored to be representing the entire TEDx community, and the University of Idaho at this conference, and can’t wait to experience and learn as much as possible! Her attendance at this conference also allows us to have a much larger event, with more than 100 attendees, so be sure to save the date for our next TEDxUIdaho themed ‘Cultivating Curiosity’ on April 9, 2016 at the University of Idaho. Cheers and stay warm!

Happy Friday!
Yvonne and the entire TEDxUIdaho Team

PS: Writing this post and referring to myself in third person was so much harder than I thought it would be so comment and let me know how I did 🙂 -Yvonne

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